Meet my dolls!

Girls of the year:

Nicki, Emma (Isabelle), and Blaire (Grace).

Historical Dolls:

Kit, Summer (Ivy), Molly, Ginny May (Emily), Dylan (Rebecca), Olivia (Marie Grace), and Luna (Kiersten).

My AG’s:

Pandora (red hair), Sara (curly hair), Holly (black hair), Lexi Grace (brown hair), and Bailey (she is at my Grandmother’s house) 

What dolls do you have? 


8 thoughts on “Meet my dolls!”

  1. I’m envious. I only have a knockoff, but she works for making patterns. Still, one day I hope to run across a real AG doll at a thrift store or yard sale. (Good luck w/ that, right?) 😉

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  2. Cool I look all the time at thrift stores and stuff I haven’t found any 😦 Don’t lose hope!! 😀
    I have Molly,Emily,Kristen,Samantha,Marisol and Alyssa(Not AG)


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  3. I have Molly, Emily, Kit, and Saige! i hope to get Mary Ellen and #55 soon!

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