I love this doll, I love this blog, why not repost?

Say Hello To My Little Friends

I had mentioned a few weeks ago I had a big surprise coming up–well, this is it! I’ve actually had her since the end of June, you have no idea how hard it was for me not to share her with everyone. But I did it!!!
Louisa 4

She is a #55, dark brown hair with hazel eyes and freckles. I’ve had this doll on my radar since early last summer, she’s actually a doll I seriously considered back when I bought Rebecca. I decided that Rebecca’s hair color and style was more of what I was looking for though. But I hadn’t forgotten about #55. I’ve looked at this doll so many times it’s ridiculous and for some reason I just kept putting it off, over and over again and bought other dolls instead.

One morning in June I was doing my usual Ebay surfing, and I was stunned to find…

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